Blue agate sphere- love, abundance, wealth, good luck, courage and strength. Amethyst- increase mobility, spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, inner peace and healing, positive transformation, reduce stress, increased communication. Lapis lazuli- inner truth, inner power, love, purification, self confidence. white moonstone- happiness, nurturing, unselfishness, love, hope, new beginnings. shungite- grounding, protects against emf, protecting. Copper sacred cubit length.

  • This frequency mainly works on the physical and aspects of life.
  • helps materialize ideas, attracts abundance.
  • has a vertical energy field.
  • works well against pain.
  • helps with grounding.
  • elements of earth and water.
  • female energy.
  • works on the fourth chakra.
  • connects beings with the earth

Orgone Pyramids - Medium "Self Love" Pyramid


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