Our ESB (Exotic Soap Brew) combines Beer and Honey into a hand and body soap.  If you like our Nightscapes slice soap you are going to love this rich earthy blend of Amber and Madagascar Vanilla with an aromatic peppery bouquet of Jasmine and sandalwood finished with the nuances of blood orange and grapefruit. 


Essential Journeys® Lavender Lager combines beer and honey into a hand and body soap made from biodegradable surfactants and natural botanicals.  Lush and complex this full bodied soap has a mellow palate just like a crisp clean lager. 


Our NEW and IMPROVED Grapefruit Saison takes our best selling Grapefruit Splash formula and replaces some of the water with beer, a wonderful lathering agent and honey.  Essential Journeys® Grapefruit Saison Soap Brew is locally spirited (like the beer) with a vibrant personality born of agrarian roots. A light and refreshing nose of grapefruit tartness this hand and body soap is made from biodegradable surfactants and natural botanicals.

Essential Journeys Craft Beer Soap - 16 oz.

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