Products included:

8oz Paint, color of your choice; Slick Stick, Gator Hide and application sponge


In this workshop we put a dazzeling spin on the ordinary plain metal trash cans. This is a two part workshop.

Workshop Day-1, we prep the can using Dixie Belle's Slick Stick. The name says it all, it creates a surface suitable for paint to stick. We go over the proper techniques and materials needed to apply Slick Stick and discuss coverage and drying time.

Workshop Day-2 - we paint!! You paint you trash can the color of your choice. We review paint techniques specific to painting this unique surface as well as general techniques you can use for projects beyond the trash can. We distress the can for the added vintage look, as much or as little as you want to distress. We finish by apply a water repelling product called Gator Hide.  You walk out of the workshop with one of the most unique paint projects to ever occur within the Tilley & Co. Workshop space.

Dixie Belle Paint Trash Can Workshop


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