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Candle Bar

Welcome to the Candle Bar at Tilley & Company. Our one of a kind custom candle experience gives you the opportunity to create your very own candle in a fun interactive environment. Our Candle Bar is not just an event, but a fully involved workshop. You will know and understand the steps required in the candle making process. 

Choose a Candle Vessel

We carry a selection of containers to fit your style. Prices range from $18 to $38. Find the perfect container to fit on that special corner of your room.

Let Your Nose Guide You

At Tilley & Co, we carry over 45 scents for you to choose from. Browse our library and sniff out your favorite fragrances. We recommend 2-3 scents per candle but your creation is just that, yours! Create a simple and elegant single aroma candle or blend your own sensational scent that is as unique as you are.

Set Your Wick

One of the most important aspects of candle making is finding the right wick size for your candle. A properly wicked candle burns cleaner and gives reliable burn times and fragrance throw. We have an assortment of wicks perfectly paired for your creation so your candle will shine bright. 

Pour Your Candle

It is time to pour your candle! Now that you have your wick set and fragrances chosen, we will fill your vessel with organic soy wax. You will pour and stir your perfectly selected fragrance(s) into the liquid wax. Be sure to breathe in that intoxicating aroma as you craft your candle. 

Create a Custom Label

Let your creativity shine! Give your creation a fitting and unique name. Adorn your candle with a custom label for your one of a kind creation. Candles will take 60-90 minutes to cool before they are ready to go home. Once you have completed your candle, take some time to check out other unique stores or dining options in charming downtown Odessa. 


Hosting a Private Event? Try Our Pour Party!

Would you like your candle making experience to be a private event? Would you like some complimentary cocktails while you pour? Our Private Pour Parties are just the thing for you! Included in the Pour Party is the full Candle Bar experience with a twist. You will make your own cocktail to enjoy before you get started with your candle. We would love for you to come get lit with us!

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